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    Personalized healthcare can save you time and money while drastically impacting the quality of healthcare you receive. Find out what Integra can do for you, your family, and colleagues.

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    Learn more about how the technologies we develop improve Nigeria's healthcare system.

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Primary Health Care
First Aid
Integra Clinics

p Health
Dial a Doc
House Calls

Medical Procurement Services
Primary Care Equipment
Turnkey Hospital project
Primary care Projects
On-site Clinics
First Aid corners and kits.
Governments, NGOS and Health Providers

IT Solutions
Preventative Screening
Pre-employment physical/checkups
Food handler test
Executive personal health screen
Annual physicals
Offshore medical certification
HAZ/MAT physicals (Harzadous Materials)
Health systems advisory services
Primary care
Logistics in Healthcare
Healthcare Financing
Health Informatics / IT
Disruptive Innovatives

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